Publishing work


The fall 2011 Design Technologies laboratory will produce three publications. For this reason a collective format is established. Presentation will be via projection with printed supporting material. All printed work shall be presented at an 8.5 x 11 proportional format (proportional meaning 17 x 22, not 11×17) or 8.5 x 11 accordion style (linear array, three 8.5xll spreads at 11×25.5).

Publication [1] will coincide with stage [1]’s final review and will document all diagrams, kinetic structures and final works.

Publication [2] will coincide with stage [2]’s final review and is intended to supplement the Solar Decathlon bid. Personal attention will be necessary due to the potential for cannibalizing of hardware.

Publication [3] will be a final culmination of all work produced during the semester and will be required in order to receive a grade.

Always document work.  Document as much as possible, work will fail and break and although inexpensive at certain scales hardware will be cannibalized.