Assignment 2


The study of interactive architecture requires collaboration across many fields of research including but not limited to: mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, cognitive and computer sciences and product and graphic design. Collaboration allows for highly complex systems of interaction where members focus on their field of knowledge and hold the role ‘expert’ relative to their colleagues. In this way the collective body is able to produce a greater result then their individual efforts. However, it is this focus, which results in a lack of periphery, an inability to see what is not seen—the interdisciplinary blind spot. The interdisciplinary blind spot is the catalyst, the fuzzy, the unknown, and the unseeing of an obstacle or impending collision, that produces a cataclysmic event, resulting in a phase change.

The term cross-contamination is chosen for a specific reason—although rhetoric is sometimes marketable—contamination alludes to exterior or alien force. To simply accept the connotation that ideas and fields of study pollinate, inherently accepts an a priori condition, the species. If we are to cross-pollinate ideas we inherently state that these idea are of the same species and fit for mating.  Cross-pollination allows for the survival of a species along with the potential to generate genetically differentiation, good or bad (note that certain self-fertile species self pollinate, a survival mechanism which carries an obvious metaphor).  Where as contamination, as stated, implies a foreign relation between parts. Although easily perceived as malicious, further reading into contamination provides a heterodoxical meaning. A non-rigorous reading of Wikipedia explains this potential…

All chemicals contain some level of contamination. Contamination may be recognized or not and may become an issue if the contaminated chemical is mixed with other chemicals or mixtures and causes additional chemical reactions. The additional chemical reactions can sometimes be beneficial, in which case the label ‘contaminant’ is replaced with reactant or catalyst. If the additional reactions are detrimental, other terms are often applied such as toxin, poison or pollutant depending on the chemistry involved.

…It is the potential for catalytic reaction that entices the need for contamination.

Moving forward into Assignment 2 students are asked to begin a cross-contamination with the students of the Solar Decathlon studio. Through this process and application of cross-contamination,  we will actively investigate and execute concepts related to interactivity using CUarch’s Solar Decathlon proposal as a research vessel. This collaboration will be equal and unbinding.  Given the ‘blurring’ or interdisciplinary blind spot within which interactive architecture resides, the scope of investigation is potentially infinite while technical skills will still be young. For this reason, we will strive for an ‘invisible college’ research methodology wherein independent, open source, research will be expected and instruction will move towards a one-to-one co-investigation. *note: through out this stage open Q&A sessions will be held along with additional workshops on necessary tools including but not limited to, Rhino, Vray, XML, Grasshopper, MastercamX.

Assignment [2] + Publication [2]

[a] Independent investigation

Deliverables 10.12

To be presented via projection + physical models (Stacy to collect)

  • 3 Diagrams of interactivity
  • 3 Physical Constructs
  • 3 Precedence

[b] Team up

Deliverables 10.17

  • 1 Diagram of interactivity
  • 1 Collogue / Montage of application
  • 1 Real Time Firefly Version
  • 3 Physical Constructs

[c] Refine

Deliverables 10.21 [Subject to Change]

  • 1 Revised Diagram of Interactivity
  • 1 Revised Collogue / Montage of application w/ SD model
  • 1 ¼ Scale Detail / Section *removed
  • 1 Embedded Construct
  • 3 Real Time Firefly Versions

[d] Detail

Deliverables 10.28

1/4 scale ( 1/4  inch = 1 inch) technical drawings of construct

  • plan(s)
  • elevation(s)
  • section(s)

[e] Assignment 2 Final Review

Deliverables 11.4 [Subject to Change]

  • Publication 2
  • 1 Revised Diagram of Interactivity
  • 1 Revised Collogue / Montage of application w/ SD model
  • 1 Revised ¼ Scale Plan/Elevation/Section
  • 1 Embedded Construct
  • 3 Real time Firefly Versions